BREAKING: Jason Kelce Retiring From NFL After 13 Seasons; Travis Kelce & Family Break Down In Tears During Emotional Announcement

Jason Kelce retirement from NFL drives Travis Kelce to tears | Marca

Jason Kelce is bidding farewell to his NFL career after dedicating 13 years to playing center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

In a press conference attended by his brother Travis, mother Donna, and father Ed, Jason shared the news that stirred emotions within the entire Kelce family.

As Jason took the stage to deliver the announcement, he became visibly emotional, breaking into tears and remarking, “Not a good start.”

Throughout the press conference, Kelce reflected on his journey in the sport that led him to Super Bowl victory in 2018.

“I’ve been asked many times why I chose football — what drew me to the game — and I never have an answer that quite captures it,” Jason expressed during his poignant declaration. “The best way I can explain it is similar to what draws you to your favorite song … your favorite book. It’s the emotions it evokes. The gravity of it. The intensity.”

He went on, “Stepping onto the field was the most alive and liberated I ever felt. There was a rawness with football, unlike any other sport. The hairs on my arms would stand up. I could make impact, move around like a madman, and then be praised, ‘Good job.’ I cherish football.”

Having spent his entire NFL tenure with the Eagles, Jason took a moment to acknowledge the city of Philadelphia.

“Thirteen seasons in Philadelphia, and I reflect on a career marked by highs and lows,” he remarked. “Nobody celebrates their own like the city of Philadelphia. Athletes become revered in this city, even those whose achievements stretch back decades… You earn love here by going above and beyond to demonstrate that you care, because [the fans] care. They’ve been caring for generations.”

Philadelphia Eagles chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Lurie, praised Kelce in a statement, stating, “Jason was an extraordinary football player; a future Hall of Famer who would have excelled anywhere. But has there ever been a more fitting union between a player, a city, and a team?”

Lurie added, “Jason gave his all for others, battled through injuries, and remained steadfast through the highs and lows of our seasons and his own personal journey. He possesses a multitude of talents — he could share beers with fans at a tailgate, sing on a Christmas album, and raise millions for charity, or discuss X’s and O’s endlessly with coaches and teammates. And then, on the field, he could perform feats that no other offensive lineman could.”

Browse through the photos below capturing the Kelce family’s reaction to Jason’s announcement of retiring from the NFL.

Travis Kelce Gets Emotional During Jason Kelce's Retirement Conference

Eagles center Jason Kelce announces retirement. See photos from his career  in Philly.

Jason Kelce retirement announcement: Eagles center gets emotional, brings  Travis Kelce to tears