SHOCKING!!! One of Taylor Swift’s songs featured in Jason Kelce’s retirement speech during poignant moment

Jason Kelce seemed to draw inspiration from Taylor Swift during his retirement speech

During his emotional retirement speech, former Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce appeared to make subtle references to his brother Travis’ girlfriend, pop sensation Taylor Swift.

After an illustrious 13-year career in the NFL, the 36-year-old center announced his retirement following an emotional reaction to the Philadelphia Eagles’ playoff loss last season. Amidst his tear-filled farewell to the game and fans, keen listeners couldn’t help but notice a few nods to Swift’s music woven into his poignant remarks.

Addressing his supporters during the press conference, Jason remarked, “It’s only too poetic I found my career being fulfilled in the city of brotherly love, I knew that relationship all too well.” Many interpreted this as an allusion to Taylor’s chart-topping hit “All Too Well” from her renowned Red album.

Yet, that wasn’t the sole instance where Jason displayed his fondness for Swift’s music. Later in his speech, he stated, “If you go above and beyond in this city, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.” Fans connected this wording to Taylor’s acclaimed song “Wildest Dreams,” featured on her fifth studio album, 1989 (Deluxe).

Jason seemed to make Taylor Swift song references in his retirement speech

It’s no surprise that Jason drew inspiration from the Grammy award-winning singer, given their recent interactions. Ever since his brother Travis began dating Taylor, the two have seemed to foster a warm friendship. Notably, Jason warmly welcomed Taylor at the Super Bowl, wrapping her in a big bear hug as they watched Travis play from their private suite.

During his heartfelt speech, Jason also paid tribute to his brother, who stood by him in the audience during the challenging moment. He expressed, “There is no chance I would be here without the bond Travis and I share,” adding, “It was really my brother and I our whole lives. We did almost everything together — competed, fought, laughed, cried, and learned from each other.”