(Video) Watch Travis Kelce wipe away tears as emotional Jason Kelce retires from NFL

Travis Kelce was all of us Monday as his brother Jason Kelce retired after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end sat at the press conference, wiping away tears, as the 36-year-old center got emotional, calling it quits Monday at the Eagles’ NovaCare Complex.

“Let’s see how long this lasts,” said Kelce, wearing a sleeveless Eagles T-shirt, before he burst into tears and needed several moments to compose himself at a news conference attended by his parents, Ed and Donna, and Travis, who was wearing sunglasses inside the auditorium.

Jason Kelce spoke for roughly 45 minutes.

“I have been the underdog my entire career,” he said. “And I mean this when I say it, I still wish I was.”

Kelce was a sixth-round pick out of Cincinnati in the 2011 draft. The burly, bushy-haired and bearded Kelce has been a stalwart of the offensive line since he was drafted and as an Iron Man after he missed most of the 2012 season with a partially torn MCL and torn ACL.

The two brothers played each other in the Super Bowl two seasons ago, which was won by the Chiefs — “I won’t forget falling short to the Chiefs,” Jason said Monday — and co-host a podcast. Jason attended the Chiefs’ playoff game in frigid Buffalo temperatures in this season’s playoffs. He ripped off his shirt and chugged beers as he sat in a suite with Travis’ girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Jason Kelce ended his career by making 156 straight starts, and he earned six All-Pro Team selections.

Kelce went on to play 193 regular-season games for the Eagles.

“It has always been a goal of mine to play my whole career in one city,” Kelce said. “I couldn’t have dreamt a better one if I tried.”